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This is not your casual fluffy animal rpg. We're not all about cutesy animals or dreamy unicorns. Mark of the Wild is a dark fantasy taking place on a fictional world where the power of the Old Gods has made it's resting place. A portal discovered in the Black Sea by the Roman Navy has lured them into a strange new world where they have erected their culture and established their reign, seeking new treasures, conquest, and even expansion.

Filled with ancient legends, mysteries, and dark lore, the world of Verusa awaits you, where the legends of the Old Gods exist, where their breath is as one with your own heartbeat, and where their power is yours to access when the need arises. -Where the men here are not what they seem, and home to an ancient civilization that could be deemed as a God through mortal eyes. Verusa is a world where the land's men and beasts - through the acts of corruption and imbalance, have become one.

Welcome to Mark of the Wild!

Members will enjoy an environment with the following features:

• No word count
• @username-tagging
• Integrated Alert System that informs users of your post
• Mature member-base
• Less-frequent activity checks (every 6 months)
• Command & Conquer Pack Dynamics

-And much more!

For a much more detailed explanation of what we can offer you, consider checking out our guidebook, or ask some of the members!
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Season and Weather

Fall Sept 22-Dec 21
Next: Winter: Dec 21-Mar 21
Avg Temp: 40°F-72°F
Humidity: 35-50%
Breeding: Yes

Site Goals
• Assign "Aspect" Characters to players for plots;
• Establish Aspect-Specific plots to the characters that follow these Aspects;
• Plot Natural Disasters and catastrophies that will affect the geographical climate of Anteria;
• Have at least 20 fights with mortalities afflicted on site by the end of the season.
World Events
In the event that there is an important plot-related thread, it will be listed here so anyone and everyone can read up on it.
Active Scenarios

High Stakes: Not-Active High Stakes is a game dynamic that puts all characters within the site at risk. In most cases, this follows a natural catastrophe such as a disaster or human event, such as "Hunting Season". .

Open Season: Not-Active When Open Season is declared, human characters are authorized to hunt the specified species that will be stated in the Side Bar under 'Open Season'. Out-of-season hunting is declared as poaching, and will result in your human character paying a visit to the Aspect, quite possibly to their detriment...

Famine: Not Active There is a shortage of food in a given area and that characters are expected to seek out the location of prey. At the same time, characters are hindered on their abilities due to this shortage of food and will take a malnutrition debuff that will affect their abilities and their stats.

The Pack Hub
Here you will find the Pack Hub Dashboard, routinely, messages pertaining to recent updates to the Pack Hub will be listed here with the newest being at the top and the oldest being towards the bottom. We will do our best to update it as the Pack Hub is routinely updated as well!
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Five Most Recent Updates
26 Jun 2015 - Pack Hub updated with 4 Cannon Packs
25 Jun 2015 - Leader Boards updated
25 Jun 2015 - Pack Hub published to Main Forum
23 Mar 2015 - Pack Webpage, Borean Tundra Wolf Pack added!
23 Mar 2015 - Cannon Pack Borean Tundra Wolf Pack added!
Featured Pack
Borean Tundra Wolf Pack

The Borean Tundra Wolf pack is a cannon pack that is currently recruiting members into their ranks for initial opening and event planning. Led by Quetico (played by Naxx) they remain as the first pack on Mark of the Wild and will certainly not be disappearing any time soon.
Upcoming Events
At the moment, with the Pack Hub being a new addition to the site, there is nothing to add here, but as we get more packs and more members to join the community, I imagine this area to fill up pretty quick. Please stand by!

Featured Members
Our first Featured Member contest will be held 2 months from opening date (March 15th) This is to allow the creation of plots, characters, and development of created characters. From that point, we will then be hosting featured member contests every 24 days.
Member of the Month
Member of the Month Will go here
Character of the Month
Character of the Month will go here
Thread of the Month
Thread of the month will go here
Featured Fight
Featured Club/Fang will go here
Pack of the Month
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20 Jun 2015 - Pack hub has been completed! Be sure to visit it using the navigation panal on the top right!

22 Mar 2015 - View the new plot by clicking Here

22 Mar 2015 - Construction on Pack Hub begins

20 Mar 2015 - Guidebook Completed

10 Sept 2014 - Guidebook rehaul begins

08 Aug 2014 - Outline for future update completed, view it Here

07 July 2014 - Social Media Integration Complete

06 June 2014 - Mark of the Wild mass update begins

03 June 2014 - Mark of the Wild Begins to integrate into Social Media Webpages! Click Here to learn more!

31 May 2014 - Check out this awesome video by our member WolfSilver!

31 March 2014 - We've managed to condense our Mini profiles! Read here for more info

28 Mar 2014 - Please register all of your C/F threads and hunts here to help update the site's logs - thanks!

17 March 2014 - Soundtrack Demo Released, listen to it here

06 Mar 2014 - Have you signed up with a fake email address? If so, your account is at risk, read here

13 Feb 2014 - Looks like some of the characters have left some romantic messages for you guys...

18 Jan 2014 - Check out our new games - lots of exciting opportunities to win points for all!

03 Dec 2013 - Mark of the Wild: Return of the Aspects officially opens to the public!

28 Nov 2013 - New Skin "Aspect of the Panther" is now LIVE. Check it out by visiting Skin and Language Settings in My Controls

03 August 2013 The map is now live and ready for viewing - click the Map link at the top of your browser window

03 August 2013 Added the "Playable Species" list, you may view it Here

03 August 2013 - Land images (within regions) have all been remade/remastered. They're quite beautiful! You'll notice new places to play in!

31 July 2013 - My next project is board-clean up, the store, and then the other skins that I have in mind. We just might make September 6th, Mark's birthday :D

31 July 2013 New Map is completed. Just finished making new land images, I'll be uploading them this weekend!

21 July 2013 - Working on a new world map... possibly some new areas for people to play in while at the same time getting rid of those that no longer apply to the site. Should be interested.

21 July 2013 - The site's guidebook has been completed and has been entered for proofreading!

15 July 2013 - The PvP table has been coded, styled and completed! View it Here! - Be sure to thank xexes for the helpful tips!

13 July 2013 The Admin team has been selected! Admins are the following: Naxx (myself), Saga, Xexes, and Nyti; your Moderators/Judges, are SR225, Kaoko (Azio), and Aaron (jjjman)! Congratulations on making the cut! As time moves on and more members join the site, we will be taking up more staff!

11 July 2013 - Began coding a new PVP table for players to use when they're characters enter combat with other characters with the help of Xexes

9 July 2013 - I've begun working on various files throughout the site, working on the Aspects file right now, and was to balance our new stat system.

8 July 2013 - Made some more edits to the codes on the site. Hopefully this will assist the admin team in navigating around to make updates

5 JULY 2013 - Work on guidebook has begun, pages complete are Intro, Rules, and Game Dynamics, I'm looking for people to proofread these pages.

4 JULY 2013 - Profile fields have been updated to the new system.

30 June 2013 Skin "Aspect of the Tiger" is nearing completion and is currently up to date on the new game dynamics, work on the site's universal guidebook will soon be underway.

27 JUNE 2013 The new skin isn't a ploy to tease, I assure you. Mark of the Wild is in production and will be ready in September of 2013, we're currently in the midst of a MASSIVE development process. We appreciate your patience, and look forward to hearing from you again!


~Naxx - Web Master, Administrator.

Naxx - Main Administrator/Site Creator Raowolf - Co-Administrator/Game Master Xexes - Code Support/Co-Administrator Image Map

Welcome To MW
The World of Verusa
Game Dynamics
PVP Dynamics
Welcome to Mark of the Wild!
Mark of the Wild Guidebook & Manual
On behalf of the members and staff, I would like to thank you for taking interest in Mark of the Wild, a member-run community, Play-By-Post RPG game. Mark of the Wild has an excellent history of providing a safe and easy-to-roam community for RPG enthusiasts and for those who wish to gather and have a good time together.

Mark of the Wild: Return of the Aspects is a member-run community devoted to it's friends, partners and those who have a creative side to them and wish to use their imagination to help expand on the site. We welcome creativity here and therefore encourage you and all our partners to make suggestions so that we can implement them into the site. This guidebook will help better assist you in understanding the world we have created and getting you ready to join the game with much of the necessary information.

Reference Buttons
Reference buttons will be displayed to the right of each and every major paragraph (major is defined by important site information). The example boxes will be responsible for providing you more in-depth information on certain subjects as well as providing you a link to this information by simply clicking the box. Below is an example so you know what to look for.


Using This Guidebook

General - In general, the guidebook is fairly simple to use and easy to navigate thanks to the side bar containing a "Table of Contents" - in addition to this, you will find links at the top of the article pages for you to click that will allow you to jump to important topics of the site.

Sharing Information/Referencing - Members, if you wish to help our new members around the guidebook, then you may do so thanks to the use of new hash codes that will allow you to link to various parts of the guidebook for member-reference to show them around and get them to places fairly quickly. Beside every major paragraph you will find a link that says, "Click Here for References" - this will make a link for you to copy and share with other members. Feel free to post them in the c-box or where ever you feel the need to. Remember, we love it when members help each out!

What Are We?
Site Features

No Word Count
Unique Plots that entwine together - Plots will allow other characters to react differently to one another depending on the "Aspect" they choose to follow
No Wait to Play - Simply create your character, and you're free to play as you wish!
Statted We have stats
Player Vs. Player - Our game encourages the use of a heavily interactive, competitive and advanced combat system that's both fun to use and even more fun to learn!
Liquid Time - Be in multiple threads at once
Random Scenarios that will challenge your play method and test your ability to survive
In-Character Advancement - Most aspect of the site can be completed in-character with little interaction with staff members

Mark of the Wild: Return of the Aspects, "What are We?"
Mark of the Wild: Return of the Aspects was one of the first sites to incorporate a open-play style RPG where characters were released on the playing field with the needs to survive and the freedom to do so by whatever means necessary. What this means is that characters can fight, kill, and eat other characters for food to sustain their own lives; challenge another member's ability to fight for their own character's survival in a wide and diverse environment. Your character's story will begin on Anteria, an alternate plane of existence trapped in the reality of earth. It's gateway was located by the Romans over a hundred and seventy years ago in the Mediterranean Sea and upon settling upon the new land, they began to harvest it for resources. Due to this, many of the tribes are in a state of civil unrest and the entire land is on the brink of war. However, the tribes are far from the only beings on the land.

Acting as the land's protectors, its guardian spirits, beings commonly known as "The Aspects" have arisen to oversee this strange new interaction with these men from another world. With them, they have summoned their "Guardians" to awaken and be bound by the forces that protect the land itself. Your story will begin with your awakening, and will continue with your progression as you learn your new body, its abilities, and the powers that you are able to unlock as your life continues and you gain the experience to earn yourself the Mark of the Wild.

Upon joining the site, you will find yourself immersed into an entirely new world, it's reality trapped with earth's thanks to the doing of a fallen God. You will discover that the importance of the seven roles that need to be played and the abilities that come with each. And though each role has unique and different abilities, all characters that are made on the site must have one thing in common, and that's to have what it takes to survive.

In Mark of the Wild, all characters are released on a large playing field where they will engage in scenarios and plots that will, at some point in time, place them at risk with another character. By choosing your stats during the character creation process, you will prepare your character to do what it takes to make their mark in the site's history; by mastering the combat system, you will climb the ranks, earn achievements, and thrive in rewards. However, all characters must do this without throwing off their balances, for the Land of Anteria rests on a precise equilibrium that entrusts all living things to sacrifice and ensure balance. Killing as needed is welcomed... killing too much is seen as an act of gluttony, therefore, will raise your character's corruption, eventually making him vulnerable to the fallen god, Sjaeviah, the "Enslaver of the Damned".

In Mark of the Wild, you will find yourself immersed into seven roles, all of which require participants to play them, and all of them have their own special perks and unique abilities. Upon making a character, you will have to choose one of these roles - master that role, become endowed with the lore of the story, and make your mark in the site's constantly on-going plot. With the use of liquid time, you will be able to speed up the process by placing your character in more than one thread at once, and with the freedom to post when and wherever you want, you will find yourself at limited restrictions. We don't have a word count and are believers of quality rather than quantity, and with our random assorted scenarios, you will always have something to keep you busy. Our scenarios are designed to make random changes to the smoothness of the dynamics, placing your character in a high-stakes environment where your survival instincts will be placed to the test. Remember, just because you have what it takes to survive, doesn't mean that the person on the other side is having the same amount of luck... he may be desperate...

In-character advancement is achieved through longevity, activity, progression through the story, survivability throughout the scenarios, and experience gained from fighting other characters (win or lose).

Welcome to the improved, ever-changing, Mark of the Wild: Return of the Aspects.

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