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This is not your casual fluffy animal rpg. We're not all about cutesy animals or dreamy unicorns. Mark of the Wild is a dark fantasy taking place on a fictional world where the power of the Old Gods has made it's resting place. A portal discovered in the Black Sea by the Roman Navy has lured them into a strange new world where they have erected their culture and established their reign, seeking new treasures, conquest, and even expansion.

Filled with ancient legends, mysteries, and dark lore, the world of Verusa awaits you, where the legends of the Old Gods exist, where their breath is as one with your own heartbeat, and where their power is yours to access when the need arises. -Where the men here are not what they seem, and home to an ancient civilization that could be deemed as a God through mortal eyes. Verusa is a world where the land's men and beasts - through the acts of corruption and imbalance, have become one.

Welcome to Mark of the Wild!

Members will enjoy an environment with the following features:

• No word count
• @username-tagging
• Integrated Alert System that informs users of your post
• Mature member-base
• Less-frequent activity checks (every 6 months)
• Command & Conquer Pack Dynamics

-And much more!

For a much more detailed explanation of what we can offer you, consider checking out our guidebook, or ask some of the members!
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Season and Weather

Fall Sept 22-Dec 21
Next: Winter: Dec 21-Mar 21
Avg Temp: 40°F-72°F
Humidity: 35-50%
Breeding: Yes

Site Goals
• Assign "Aspect" Characters to players for plots;
• Establish Aspect-Specific plots to the characters that follow these Aspects;
• Plot Natural Disasters and catastrophies that will affect the geographical climate of Anteria;
• Have at least 20 fights with mortalities afflicted on site by the end of the season.
World Events
In the event that there is an important plot-related thread, it will be listed here so anyone and everyone can read up on it.
Active Scenarios

High Stakes: Not-Active High Stakes is a game dynamic that puts all characters within the site at risk. In most cases, this follows a natural catastrophe such as a disaster or human event, such as "Hunting Season". .

Open Season: Not-Active When Open Season is declared, human characters are authorized to hunt the specified species that will be stated in the Side Bar under 'Open Season'. Out-of-season hunting is declared as poaching, and will result in your human character paying a visit to the Aspect, quite possibly to their detriment...

Famine: Not Active There is a shortage of food in a given area and that characters are expected to seek out the location of prey. At the same time, characters are hindered on their abilities due to this shortage of food and will take a malnutrition debuff that will affect their abilities and their stats.

The Pack Hub
Here you will find the Pack Hub Dashboard, routinely, messages pertaining to recent updates to the Pack Hub will be listed here with the newest being at the top and the oldest being towards the bottom. We will do our best to update it as the Pack Hub is routinely updated as well!
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Five Most Recent Updates
26 Jun 2015 - Pack Hub updated with 4 Cannon Packs
25 Jun 2015 - Leader Boards updated
25 Jun 2015 - Pack Hub published to Main Forum
23 Mar 2015 - Pack Webpage, Borean Tundra Wolf Pack added!
23 Mar 2015 - Cannon Pack Borean Tundra Wolf Pack added!
Featured Pack
Borean Tundra Wolf Pack

The Borean Tundra Wolf pack is a cannon pack that is currently recruiting members into their ranks for initial opening and event planning. Led by Quetico (played by Naxx) they remain as the first pack on Mark of the Wild and will certainly not be disappearing any time soon.
Upcoming Events
At the moment, with the Pack Hub being a new addition to the site, there is nothing to add here, but as we get more packs and more members to join the community, I imagine this area to fill up pretty quick. Please stand by!

Featured Members
Our first Featured Member contest will be held 2 months from opening date (March 15th) This is to allow the creation of plots, characters, and development of created characters. From that point, we will then be hosting featured member contests every 24 days.
Member of the Month
Member of the Month Will go here
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Featured Club/Fang will go here
Pack of the Month
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20 Jun 2015 - Pack hub has been completed! Be sure to visit it using the navigation panal on the top right!

22 Mar 2015 - View the new plot by clicking Here

22 Mar 2015 - Construction on Pack Hub begins

20 Mar 2015 - Guidebook Completed

10 Sept 2014 - Guidebook rehaul begins

08 Aug 2014 - Outline for future update completed, view it Here

07 July 2014 - Social Media Integration Complete

06 June 2014 - Mark of the Wild mass update begins

03 June 2014 - Mark of the Wild Begins to integrate into Social Media Webpages! Click Here to learn more!

31 May 2014 - Check out this awesome video by our member WolfSilver!

31 March 2014 - We've managed to condense our Mini profiles! Read here for more info

28 Mar 2014 - Please register all of your C/F threads and hunts here to help update the site's logs - thanks!

17 March 2014 - Soundtrack Demo Released, listen to it here

06 Mar 2014 - Have you signed up with a fake email address? If so, your account is at risk, read here

13 Feb 2014 - Looks like some of the characters have left some romantic messages for you guys...

18 Jan 2014 - Check out our new games - lots of exciting opportunities to win points for all!

03 Dec 2013 - Mark of the Wild: Return of the Aspects officially opens to the public!

28 Nov 2013 - New Skin "Aspect of the Panther" is now LIVE. Check it out by visiting Skin and Language Settings in My Controls

03 August 2013 The map is now live and ready for viewing - click the Map link at the top of your browser window

03 August 2013 Added the "Playable Species" list, you may view it Here

03 August 2013 - Land images (within regions) have all been remade/remastered. They're quite beautiful! You'll notice new places to play in!

31 July 2013 - My next project is board-clean up, the store, and then the other skins that I have in mind. We just might make September 6th, Mark's birthday :D

31 July 2013 New Map is completed. Just finished making new land images, I'll be uploading them this weekend!

21 July 2013 - Working on a new world map... possibly some new areas for people to play in while at the same time getting rid of those that no longer apply to the site. Should be interested.

21 July 2013 - The site's guidebook has been completed and has been entered for proofreading!

15 July 2013 - The PvP table has been coded, styled and completed! View it Here! - Be sure to thank xexes for the helpful tips!

13 July 2013 The Admin team has been selected! Admins are the following: Naxx (myself), Saga, Xexes, and Nyti; your Moderators/Judges, are SR225, Kaoko (Azio), and Aaron (jjjman)! Congratulations on making the cut! As time moves on and more members join the site, we will be taking up more staff!

11 July 2013 - Began coding a new PVP table for players to use when they're characters enter combat with other characters with the help of Xexes

9 July 2013 - I've begun working on various files throughout the site, working on the Aspects file right now, and was to balance our new stat system.

8 July 2013 - Made some more edits to the codes on the site. Hopefully this will assist the admin team in navigating around to make updates

5 JULY 2013 - Work on guidebook has begun, pages complete are Intro, Rules, and Game Dynamics, I'm looking for people to proofread these pages.

4 JULY 2013 - Profile fields have been updated to the new system.

30 June 2013 Skin "Aspect of the Tiger" is nearing completion and is currently up to date on the new game dynamics, work on the site's universal guidebook will soon be underway.

27 JUNE 2013 The new skin isn't a ploy to tease, I assure you. Mark of the Wild is in production and will be ready in September of 2013, we're currently in the midst of a MASSIVE development process. We appreciate your patience, and look forward to hearing from you again!


~Naxx - Web Master, Administrator.

Naxx - Main Administrator/Site Creator Raowolf - Co-Administrator/Game Master Xexes - Code Support/Co-Administrator Image Map

Welcome To MW
The World of Verusa
Game Dynamics
PVP Dynamics
Game Dynamics
General Game Information
Navigation Click the following links to move around this page. Links marked with indicate that they are required to be read.

Top of Page
Character Roles & Immersion
Survival & Hunting
Skill Points
The Aspects & Progression
Preserving Balance
Role-Playing Scenarios
About Rage-Points
Character Progression Logs
Now that you understand the story of the site, it is now time to gain a understanding of How to play the game. There are two types of game dynamics that you will need to take the time to comprehend. One is the general game dynamics, which will allow you to gain the full potential of the site that we are trying to offer you.

The second part is the PVP Dynamics, which you will use when you fight other characters on the site for your character's survival and progression through the ranks on his quest for mastery. Use the navigation menu just to right to jump through the sections of this chapter, or feel free to read the whole thing.

We know this section is long, so there's no need to overwhelm yourself. Due to this, we have marked the areas that we recommend you to read with a green check-mark so you know which ones require your reading and which ones you can come back to and read later.

Character Roles
Account Per Character

Mark of the Wild is an Account Per Character site, to learn how to make and link all of your accounts together, click the link below.

Character Accounts
There are a total of eight roles of characters that are involved in the story of Mark of the Wild - Out of these seven roles, six of them will be available to you upon joining. The eighth will be available to you upon demonstration of activity and commitment to the site and once you have proven that you can take on further responsibility.

Listed below you will find all the information you need to know about these roles, when they come available to you, and what you can do with them. Some roles come with special abilities and powers that you may use as you role-play them throughout the boards. Due note that while we will do our best to provide you with all the information you need, for the sake of keeping this short, we cannot provide you with all the facts. For that you will need to visit our Detailed Lore section and read the fact pages on each of the types of characters that interest you. For the guidebook, we will be providing you with just the basics.

The Transformed The transformed refer to a large group of men that have either abused
the power of the Aspects, or were chosen by the Aspects to rise as a guardian.
More Info
Natural-Born These are the animals that were naturally born into the environment. Though
they can use the power of the Aspects, they are more attune to their natural environment
than the Transformed.
More Info
Al'tauri Al'a'kir Members of the ancient race that has inhabited Streangeale long before
the tribes. They have since gone into hiding to prevent others from mis-using their powers.
Powerful and capable of altering their forms into that of beasts, the Al'a'kir remain as the
most mysterious civilization on the entire land.
More Info
Roman Legion The Empire of Rome has had the entire continent of Streangeale under
siege for about 200 years. Being the first civilization on Earth to discover the gateway in the
Black Sea, they have since developed vast colonies throughout the entire land, built cities,
and have established governing rule over the entire country.
More Info
Jou'que Considered to be the most primitive of the tribes on Streangeale, they live mostly
by tradition and Generic Tribal Law. They have strict guidelines that they follow and will
not break even if they are ordered to do so by death if necessary.
More Info
Nei'Kenya Largely considered to make up most of the land's human population, the
Nei'Kenyacan be considered the most successful of the civilization that are present
upon Anteria, and have in-fact, shown the most promise to the eyes of the Romans.
Having established somewhat of a form of government, a clerical study, and even
advanced themselves technologically and architecturally, they have built
many cities along the cliff edges of the mountains that thrive throughout the land.
More Info
The "Horned Men" The Horned Men of Streangeale refer to the remaining members of
Sjaeviah's cult aging back to the Dark Ages. They are ruthless, barbaric, and unmerciful
to all who stand in their way.
More Info
The Aspects The Spirits, more commonly known as the Aspects by all the tribes, are
the physical manifestations of the Elements of Creation, Law, and Balance.
More Info
Survival & Hunting
Survival & Hunting Learning the basics of how to survive can possibly save your character's life. Remember that there are always hungry characters out there who have to make a hunting quota in order to maintain their character's top condition! Be on guard at all times!

More on Hunting & Survival
"Mark of the Wild" has always been about survival, and even though the site and story have a large fantasy element involved within it, it just wouldn't be the same without it. Hunting and survival are the two main elements involved with your character's well-being on the site and how they interact with other characters. In many cases, you will be required to make a kill in order to progress onto the next stage of your character's story, due to this, learning how to survive your first encounter is a must.

Mark of the Wild uses it's own system to scale fights between characters. A fight can occur in any thread, at any time, during any day. In order to keep it as realistic as possible, we do not allow private threads on the site, if this were the case, then everyone would be making private threads and it wouldn't be fair to those who have to hunt in order to maintain their character's well being. Mark of the Wild permits you to hunt other characters for food to sustain your own character. Hunting and making a kill on the site will reward you with much-needed Health Points in the event that you take damage to restore your character's energy so that he may be better prepared for the next incursion, whenever that may be.

Mark of the Wild has two roles in which any character will actively participate in. The Hunter and the Hunted. Mind yourself that at any point in time, that you could be playing either one of these roles and that it is important to Stat your character effectively to take damage and at the same time, deal some damage back to make that character regret coming after you. Respawns are granted to each new-registered character, however, limited in number. They will be provided at the end of each season when we do our quarterly update.

Note that the number of hunts in order for a character, particularly a carnivor, to stay healthy will be determined by the number of points you place in Survival Instincts - you will be able to learn more about how Skill Points and how they affect your character's play style in the next sub-chapter.

Skill Points
Mental Attributes effect various characteristics throughout your character's life. If you would like to see how these attributes will effect your character, simply click the link below.

Mental Attributes
When you make a character on Mark of the Wild, you will have a total of 10 stats in which you will contribute points to in order to customize your character's play-style. These 10 stats will be divided into two sets of attributes, Mental and Physical.

Mental Attributes serve the purpose of giving characters special out-of-character (OOC) perks an in-character bonuses; such as discounts on all store bought items, and immunities to diseases and long-term effect that can affect the way your character plays until his temporary death, which is when all illnesses get reset. They will also help your character adapt to the climates of the many regions that accommodate the land, and will even reduce the number of hunts should you dedicate the correct number of points to each Attribute.

You will have a total of 20 points to spend on each set of Attributes, providing you with a vast number of combinations to play around with until you find the right one that is comfortable. Please note that you are given 1 Stat Re-roll free-of-charge per character (You can send items from character-to-character via the store-app located at the header of the website). All other stat re-rolls will have to be paid for with the redemption of Rage Points (our in-game currency.)

Physical Attributes will have an effect on how your character performs when facing another transgressor. To see how these attributes will affect your character, simply click the link below.

Physical Attributes

Physical Attributes prepare your character for the incursions that will procure throughout his life on the site. This will include how much damage he will distribute to other characters, and the amount of damage he will receive throughout these transgressions. They will also determine his speed (how many times he may attack and dodge throughout a 3 post period), how much health he has, and how much his bleed damage will be. Some of these stats play alternate roles determining on the Aspect you follow. For example, Focus normally refers to how much bleed damage your character will distribute per a three post period. With some Aspect, Focus refers to the use of Arcane (magical) abilities that will increase your character's damage or healing potential, which is why it's typically necessary to distribute a few points in Focus when necessary.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Aspects will award special bonuses to your stats in addition to the 20 points you will gain in each Attribute set. It is important that you keep this in mind because there is such thing as Over-Capping. Over-Capping occurs when a stat receives more points than what is allowed, creating an over-powered character. Due note that we do not allow the use of over-powered characters, and that if this occurs, we will break down the over-capped stat and divide the points evenly into your lowest stats, we will await your approval before proceeding with your character application in the event that you want to make some changes of your own.

The Aspects & Progression
The Aspects play a very important role to the site due to the fact that they can be considered main plot characters. They are in charge of protecting you from the primary villian of the story, Sjaeviah. They have been tasked to give you their strength in order for you to understand what it is that you are fighting to protect, as well as for you to understand the meaning behind the very Balance that they have been tasked with protecting.

When you create a character on Mark of the Wild, you will be tasked with selecting an Aspect to blend with the type of character that you will be playing. Aspects will continue to contribute to your character as he progresses throughout the story, and will provide you with special abilities that will increase your character's performance on the playing field. They will also award you with additional skill points that will further hone your skills and Attributes.

The Aspects have been tasked with assisting your character with developing the experience necessary to become a Guardian - or a member of Ejayah's Army. There will be times when you have to save a life, or take it away; there will be times when you will have to get your hands dirty or clean them of their pre-existing filth, and there will be times when you have to make choices that will reflect the way the Aspects perceive you. Your Aspect Influence meter will reflect the choices that you have made throughout your character's time on the site. The higher the meter, the more the Aspects will trust you. We'll get back to these meters in another chapter.

Members may progress through "Mark of the Wild" in a number of ways. However, I encourage you to take your first step in the Arena - this is where you will develop the skills on how to fight without risk to your character being killed or hindered with a long-term disability. Due to the fact that the Arena is isolated from the events of the site's story and plot, the resolutions of these fights do not have any affect outside of them. Your character will not die, nor will he be hindered with any debilitating effects that will hinder his performance.

Once you have learned the basics of how to fight on Mark of the Wild, you are free to move about the site as you wish and begin your journey towards Mastery and becoming a Guardian, taking your fight to the true enemy, Sjaeviah and his demonic cult.

The Aspects are member-played characters, and they too would like threads to roleplay with your character. If you ever find some extra time on your hands, feel free to tag one of the Aspects into your thread just to see what will happen!

Maintaining Balance
Balance and Corruption play two very important roles on Mark of the Wild. They demonstrate discipline, faith, and of course, Balance. Every single action that you partake on the site can have a positive and negative reaction to these two meters. The Blue meter is how the Aspect's perceive you, trust you, and how much they are willing to protect you. The red meter demonstrates your vulnerability to Sjaeviah, the villain on the site. The higher the blue meter, the more the Aspects trust you and are willing to protect you from his influence. However, it is quite the opposite if it is lower. The lower your Influence is with the Aspects, then the less likely they will be to protect you from Sjaeviah.

In some cases, gaining corruption will become inevitable. For each life taken on the site, be it a player or an NPC, you will gain in corruption, drawing you closer and closer to Sjaeviah's will. This is normal and part of the plot, (eventually, all characters will become aware of Sjaeviah's presence at some point in the in their lives, this is how we make your character aware of what's going on.

Corruption & Aspect Influence
Aspect and Corruption will play a key-role to your character throughout the many events to come. Fortunately, there are many ways to control it and keep it in check. Maintaining Balance is key, here are some tips:

More on Balance

It is the same with the Corruption Meter. The higher this meter is, the more Sjaeviah trusts you and the more he is willing to provide you with his powers to make your stronger. The higher your Corruption Meter is, the more vulnerable to Sjaeviah you will become. If it's too high, you will eventually become enslaved to his will.

It is important to know that every decision that you make with the character, every action, every choice can either have a positive or negative effect on these bars. Maintaining balance is a key element to Mark of the Wild, and knowing how each event will affect the bars will contribute to your character's play style. In some cases, there will be nothing you can do to prevent your corruption bar from going up, and there will be times when your influence may go down due to certain choices, however, in many cases, a small simple act will be all it takes to restore them.

To the right is a key that will generate a pop-up window that will give you an example of how choices made will affect your character in the long-run. Note that the examples listed are Per Incident, and how each example has either a negative affect on one, and a positive effect on the other. Due note that these are just a few example of how choices made will reflect on your Corruption and Influence meters and that in most cases, all decisions made will be judged on a case-by-case scenario.

Roleplaying Scenarios
Have the unique purpose of spicing things up on the playing fields that will interact with your character in a number of ways. Click the box below to learn more about what kind of events that we will be holding and how they will affect your character.

More on Scenarios
Every now and then, we like to spice things up a bit, make things a bit more interesting, and add special events to the world that will affect your character and make things a (a tad) bit more difficult to see what kind of results we'll get out characters, who will go corrupt, and who will remain as a saint. It makes things fun, and quite frankly, a bit more interesting. There are many of these scenarios out there that will have a various effect on all characters. They are usually announced in the news area of the site and will explain to you the nature and the dynamics of the event being announced. It is important to note that events procure at random intervals, there is no set time for them to come around, but we will try to conduct 2 per season (90 days Real Life Time). There is no lock-out, and members receive a special bonus in Rage Points should they choose to integrate the event into their posts.

If you would like to see how Scenarios will affect the way you play the game, simply click on the link to the right of this article and it will generate a table for you to examine and understand the way Scenarios will turn the tables around for even the strongest characters on the site.

What Are Rage Points?
Rage Points
are the digital currency available on the site and is accrued to your character as they experience the world around them, fight, survive, and endure the hardships of the world of Verusa. Click the link below to generate a table on a few ways in which you can earn Rage Points

Actions & Awards
Rage Points are the digital currency in "Mark of the Wild - they are acquired as your characters gain experience in the world. See the table to the right to discover just a few ways on how to earn rage points. You will need them to purchase upgrades within the store in order for your character to progress on the road to mastery, to respawn characters that have been killed throughout the game, and acquire new talents that are unlocked as you progress to new levels for your tier.

Rage Points can and will be rewarded on realism, tactics, and feral combat. The member that participate the most in site-development, and maintenance will receive bonuses for their hard work and commitment. Mark of the Wild has always been a Member-Run site, and in fact, a very small portion of the site development is run by the admins themselves, but to the members. For this, we reward creativity and your ability to take the initiative in maintaining our community.

Note that while we tried our best to list most of the scenarios in which you could be awarded points, it's just not simply possible to do so. If you're not sure, just ask, someone will be glad to help you!

Character Progression Logs
Character Journals,
though, not required to start role-playing -but need to be put up in the near future; we recommend that you get one up as you build your character to save time and later headaches in the future. Click the link below to find out more about the Mandatory Field Entries and how to build a character-journal.

Progression Journals
As you continue to play in "Mark of the Wild", all characters will be asked to create and maintain a "Character Progression Log/Journal". The purpose of this journal is to track the progress of your character, his hunts, his victories and losses, the progress of his Aspect Journey, and pack memberships. Though we allow members to customize their journals in whatever way that they feel appeals to them, we ask that all journals contain the mandatory fields of entry that will allow us to track your character's progression through the story line and to ensure that they are meeting the Survival Requirements set up on the Game Dynamics

If you are unsure what these mandatory fields of entry are, feel free to take a quick look at the link to the right to help assist you in setting up your journal.

Though this is just a general emphasis on your journal, you can feel free to add anything you like, from your character's personality, their likes and dislikes, anything that will help your fellow role-players immerse themselves with your character and generate ideas of which they can throw at you. Journals are a drag, we all know this, and they're a pain in the butt to update, but in the end, dedicating a few minutes at a time will help other members understand your character's thought, actions, and even their back-stories if you wrote one. At the same time, you are able to reflect on your previous threads with these characters and reveal to the members how actions that have been encountered in these threads have changed your character and how they view the world-space around them, and allows for further plotting to emerge.

When you have finished your character journal, you are 110% ready for playing on the board (Journals are not required to start roleplaying, but they are required in order to begin your Aspect Journey). See the link to the right for more information and how to build a journal.

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