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This is not your casual fluffy animal rpg. We're not all about cutesy animals or dreamy unicorns. Mark of the Wild is a dark fantasy taking place on a fictional world where the power of the Old Gods has made it's resting place. A portal discovered in the Black Sea by the Roman Navy has lured them into a strange new world where they have erected their culture and established their reign, seeking new treasures, conquest, and even expansion.

Filled with ancient legends, mysteries, and dark lore, the world of Verusa awaits you, where the legends of the Old Gods exist, where their breath is as one with your own heartbeat, and where their power is yours to access when the need arises. -Where the men here are not what they seem, and home to an ancient civilization that could be deemed as a God through mortal eyes. Verusa is a world where the land's men and beasts - through the acts of corruption and imbalance, have become one.

Welcome to Mark of the Wild!

Members will enjoy an environment with the following features:

• No word count
• @username-tagging
• Integrated Alert System that informs users of your post
• Mature member-base
• Less-frequent activity checks (every 6 months)
• Command & Conquer Pack Dynamics

-And much more!

For a much more detailed explanation of what we can offer you, consider checking out our guidebook, or ask some of the members!
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• Assign "Aspect" Characters to players for plots;
• Establish Aspect-Specific plots to the characters that follow these Aspects;
• Plot Natural Disasters and catastrophies that will affect the geographical climate of Anteria;
• Have at least 20 fights with mortalities afflicted on site by the end of the season.
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Famine: Not Active There is a shortage of food in a given area and that characters are expected to seek out the location of prey. At the same time, characters are hindered on their abilities due to this shortage of food and will take a malnutrition debuff that will affect their abilities and their stats.

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 Snowsong - Timber Wolf - Female
 Posted: Mar 4 2016, 06:13 AM

11600Rage Points
Character Info
Level N/A
Played By


Member Inventory: View

Member Status: N/A



Character Stats

Aspect of Mastery:


Mental Attributes
Adaptation: N/A N/A
Intelligence: N/A N/A
Survival Skills: N/A N/A
Leadership: N/A N/A
Immunity: N/A N/A

Aptitudes of Strength
Strength:N/A N/A
Defense: N/A N/A
Speed: N/A N/A
Stamina: N/A N/A
Focus N/A N/A


Corruption at N/A%

Influence at N/A%

Club Fang Stats

Kills: N/A
Deaths : N/A
Successful Hunts : N/A
Failed Hunts : N/A
C/F's Participated : N/A
C/F'S Won : N/A
C/F's Lost: N/A

"And a Man sat alone drenched deep in sadness, and all the animals drew near him and said, "We do not like to see you so sad." The Aspects looked to one another, knowing of what was to come, "Ask us for whatever you wish and you shall have it." " - -Raekahn, The Savage Lineage

Name: Snowsong
Nickname: Snow
Preferred Name: Snowsong
Age: 3
Gender: Female
DOB: Imix
Species : Wolf
Breed: Timber

physical description:

The first thing always noticed about Snowsong is the fact she is blindingly white. In fact she blends int the snow so well sometimes she is almost mistaken for the snow itself. When she does decide to stick out you can see the power in her movement, the lack of emotion in her face, as well as the fact while she is rather lithe for her breed she is extremely big in size. Her stature alone often dwarfs other males of her breed and she knows this, often using it to her advantage. Pairing a challenging stance and a deadpan glance that is unwavering, many give up before things begin. Under her soft white fur is ripped tightly bunched muscles and strong bones. Making her a very interesting wolf at first glance.

After many get over just how pure she is they often get lost in her eyes. Many have warm brown eyes or another shade. Snowsong has a shade of blue so strange that it appears almost lavender. This color often throws many off, especially when she stares at them, she is what many consider a rare breed. She is what many would consider the silent strong type. Thin and quick and yet strong and large. If her appearance at first glance isn't enough to turn away danger her glance often finishes the job. She rarely has to fight. Yet through all of these ways she can fight and be evil she is anything but. She is just a silent loner who wanders about. Like snow drifting in the wind.

Her fur is something that is very... Fluffy. It almost makes her look like a teddy bear. So despite the fact she actually is very thin under all that fur she actually looks like a tad bit of a stocky beast. Just adding to the fear that her appearance often brings. Another little feature is the small rings around her ears that are black. It is the only color on her body and the strangest thing is it comes and goes depending on when she sheds her fur during different seasons. Her tail is also extremely fluffy and is used very well for balance. One could debate at first glance at her being a warm big bear to cuddle or a scary wolf to run from. Her eyes often are the final straw to help decide. Although she just has a bit of what is called resting bitch face.


"I want to have good sight." he requested, Eaysachi replied "You shall have mine." and gave their followers supreme vision. "I want to be strong." the man requested once more, Leviathen stepped forward and said, "You shall be strong like me." and with that, she gave them strength. Then the man said, "I long to know the secrets of the earth." Ejayah came forward through the winds and said, "I will show them to you." -and so it went with all the Aspects." - -Raekahn, The Savage Lineage

My Traits

My Path is Chosen, I follow:


Totem of the pack

Mental Attributes

Adaptation - 1
Intelligence - 7
Survival Instincts - 4
Leader of the Pack - 6
Affliction Immunity - 2

Aptitudes of Strength

Strength - 6
Defense - 6
Speed - 5
Stamina - 2
Focus - 1

"And when their civilization of followers had all the gifts that they could give, he left. Then Raekahn said to the other Aspects, "Now the man know's much and is able to do many things... suddenly, I am afraid." Eaysachi replied with "The man has all that he needs, now his sadness will stop." Raekahn stood from his ground, "No. I saw a hole in man, deep like a hunger that he will never fill. It is what makes him sad and what makes him want. He will go on taking and taking, until one day the world will say, "I am no more, and I have nothing left to give."

  • Moments of calm
  • Time spent alone
  • Learning and sharing
  • Those with bloodlust and love of death
  • Senseless killing or those who follow orders with undying loyalty
  • Those that kill for the sport rather than hunger
  • The intelligent silent type
  • She is very kind and understanding
  • She is extremely good at the hunt
  • Due to being a loner it often causes problems when it comes to being a pack wolf. Not to mention puts a large wrench in any plan in becoming a alpha. She also is haunted by her sister.
  • Dying again due to just making memories as Snowsong
  • Nightmares of her past lives and what she did
  • Bumping into her sister and having to deal with her
" And so, with the Que'Ckai Natives now prospering with the gifts of the Aspects, Raekahn took measures into his own will, no longer would the Aspects provide gifts to man, and to the men who would do harm with the gifts of the Aspects..."


Escaping her sister who was severely ill she made it a point to never act like her, though she herself has her own issues from living with her sister for a point, she has broken free as much as one can from a phantom. One thing that is strange about her is despite her ability to likely win many fights is she refuses to actually fight. She has seen enough blood shed due to her sister's enjoyment for such sport that she doesn't want to see it anymore. She believes all wolves deserve to live and all wolves deserve a chance. Her sister was proof of that. She would not have stayed beside her for so long if she didn't have such a mindset. She is seen as rather sage-like and her wisdom from her life often reflects in how she speaks.

Deep under all the cold and frightening appearance is a heart that beats forever kind and full of goodness. She will of course if she needs to defend herself and others, but she rather not, in fact she has had a few encounters with her now estranged sister and they never ended well. Often with her sister trying to rip out her throat. Not for leaving her but simply because the blood would have looked beautiful on her pelt and the snow. At one point if you had asked her she would have said she would have liked to lead a pack and make sure they were all well protected. However now she is find helping others instead. Although there are moments where that will of challenge does seem to appear.

Despite the lack of emotion Snowsong actually shows a decent amount of affection. She still even loves her sister even thought she still haunts her to this day around the tundra. She is very good at hunting due to blending in and also due to her seemingly void like silence. She is someone who others would label as Intelligent, sage like, kind, mysterious, and imposing depending on who you ask and how well they know her. Snowsong has died and has been brought back before and she knows this due to her sister telling her so. She had names before this one. She would be given a new one each time, learn new things each time, and apparently grow weaker in her sister's eyes each time. She may seem perfect to some, but every wolf has their flaws, hers is her history and memories are a mystery even to her, among many others.

"they would wonder the land in the form of beasts as a final testiment to protect them from the crusade to whipe out the druids. He turned them into beasts." - Raekahn, The Savage Lineage

Pretty sure I covered everything in as much detail as my poor mine can handle right now.


This normally would be extremely long for all the lives she lived but she has no memories of the lives she lived. She knows the names given and likely lies her sister told her of how she acted. Reckless in which that is how she ended up dead in the first place. She had been known as Natsuyuki, Yukiota, Gingersnap, Snow Whisper, among many other names that strike her randomly depending on what people say. Sometimes she stands at attention at an old name that has been said and it startles her. Not that she breaks her facade of RBF aka emotionless face.

She does know she has a sister that is deeply blood thirsty, one that she helped for a long time, one that still haunts her to this day. She knows that she had died many times and that is what gives her nightmares, she also knows she is trying to break that cycle with this new name and life change. She is no longer following her sister into her death, she is no longer simply going to blindly follow like so many do, she also isn't going to be brutal. This time she is going to try to be kind. Even if it is killing them with kindness.

And when their enemies closed in around them, they found none but beasts that wondered the land, unknowing of what had befallen the civilization that which once lived upon Anteria.
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