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This is not your casual fluffy animal rpg. We're not all about cutesy animals or dreamy unicorns. Mark of the Wild is a dark fantasy taking place on a fictional world where the power of the Old Gods has made it's resting place. A portal discovered in the Black Sea by the Roman Navy has lured them into a strange new world where they have erected their culture and established their reign, seeking new treasures, conquest, and even expansion.

Filled with ancient legends, mysteries, and dark lore, the world of Verusa awaits you, where the legends of the Old Gods exist, where their breath is as one with your own heartbeat, and where their power is yours to access when the need arises. -Where the men here are not what they seem, and home to an ancient civilization that could be deemed as a God through mortal eyes. Verusa is a world where the land's men and beasts - through the acts of corruption and imbalance, have become one.

Welcome to Mark of the Wild!

Members will enjoy an environment with the following features:

• No word count
• @username-tagging
• Integrated Alert System that informs users of your post
• Mature member-base
• Less-frequent activity checks (every 6 months)
• Command & Conquer Pack Dynamics

-And much more!

For a much more detailed explanation of what we can offer you, consider checking out our guidebook, or ask some of the members!
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Fall Sept 22-Dec 21
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Site Goals
• Assign "Aspect" Characters to players for plots;
• Establish Aspect-Specific plots to the characters that follow these Aspects;
• Plot Natural Disasters and catastrophies that will affect the geographical climate of Anteria;
• Have at least 20 fights with mortalities afflicted on site by the end of the season.
World Events
In the event that there is an important plot-related thread, it will be listed here so anyone and everyone can read up on it.
Active Scenarios

High Stakes: Not-Active High Stakes is a game dynamic that puts all characters within the site at risk. In most cases, this follows a natural catastrophe such as a disaster or human event, such as "Hunting Season". .

Open Season: Not-Active When Open Season is declared, human characters are authorized to hunt the specified species that will be stated in the Side Bar under 'Open Season'. Out-of-season hunting is declared as poaching, and will result in your human character paying a visit to the Aspect, quite possibly to their detriment...

Famine: Not Active There is a shortage of food in a given area and that characters are expected to seek out the location of prey. At the same time, characters are hindered on their abilities due to this shortage of food and will take a malnutrition debuff that will affect their abilities and their stats.

The Pack Hub
Here you will find the Pack Hub Dashboard, routinely, messages pertaining to recent updates to the Pack Hub will be listed here with the newest being at the top and the oldest being towards the bottom. We will do our best to update it as the Pack Hub is routinely updated as well!
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Five Most Recent Updates
26 Jun 2015 - Pack Hub updated with 4 Cannon Packs
25 Jun 2015 - Leader Boards updated
25 Jun 2015 - Pack Hub published to Main Forum
23 Mar 2015 - Pack Webpage, Borean Tundra Wolf Pack added!
23 Mar 2015 - Cannon Pack Borean Tundra Wolf Pack added!
Featured Pack
Borean Tundra Wolf Pack

The Borean Tundra Wolf pack is a cannon pack that is currently recruiting members into their ranks for initial opening and event planning. Led by Quetico (played by Naxx) they remain as the first pack on Mark of the Wild and will certainly not be disappearing any time soon.
Upcoming Events
At the moment, with the Pack Hub being a new addition to the site, there is nothing to add here, but as we get more packs and more members to join the community, I imagine this area to fill up pretty quick. Please stand by!

Featured Members
Our first Featured Member contest will be held 2 months from opening date (March 15th) This is to allow the creation of plots, characters, and development of created characters. From that point, we will then be hosting featured member contests every 24 days.
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20 Jun 2015 - Pack hub has been completed! Be sure to visit it using the navigation panal on the top right!

22 Mar 2015 - View the new plot by clicking Here

22 Mar 2015 - Construction on Pack Hub begins

20 Mar 2015 - Guidebook Completed

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18 Jan 2014 - Check out our new games - lots of exciting opportunities to win points for all!

03 Dec 2013 - Mark of the Wild: Return of the Aspects officially opens to the public!

28 Nov 2013 - New Skin "Aspect of the Panther" is now LIVE. Check it out by visiting Skin and Language Settings in My Controls

03 August 2013 The map is now live and ready for viewing - click the Map link at the top of your browser window

03 August 2013 Added the "Playable Species" list, you may view it Here

03 August 2013 - Land images (within regions) have all been remade/remastered. They're quite beautiful! You'll notice new places to play in!

31 July 2013 - My next project is board-clean up, the store, and then the other skins that I have in mind. We just might make September 6th, Mark's birthday :D

31 July 2013 New Map is completed. Just finished making new land images, I'll be uploading them this weekend!

21 July 2013 - Working on a new world map... possibly some new areas for people to play in while at the same time getting rid of those that no longer apply to the site. Should be interested.

21 July 2013 - The site's guidebook has been completed and has been entered for proofreading!

15 July 2013 - The PvP table has been coded, styled and completed! View it Here! - Be sure to thank xexes for the helpful tips!

13 July 2013 The Admin team has been selected! Admins are the following: Naxx (myself), Saga, Xexes, and Nyti; your Moderators/Judges, are SR225, Kaoko (Azio), and Aaron (jjjman)! Congratulations on making the cut! As time moves on and more members join the site, we will be taking up more staff!

11 July 2013 - Began coding a new PVP table for players to use when they're characters enter combat with other characters with the help of Xexes

9 July 2013 - I've begun working on various files throughout the site, working on the Aspects file right now, and was to balance our new stat system.

8 July 2013 - Made some more edits to the codes on the site. Hopefully this will assist the admin team in navigating around to make updates

5 JULY 2013 - Work on guidebook has begun, pages complete are Intro, Rules, and Game Dynamics, I'm looking for people to proofread these pages.

4 JULY 2013 - Profile fields have been updated to the new system.

30 June 2013 Skin "Aspect of the Tiger" is nearing completion and is currently up to date on the new game dynamics, work on the site's universal guidebook will soon be underway.

27 JUNE 2013 The new skin isn't a ploy to tease, I assure you. Mark of the Wild is in production and will be ready in September of 2013, we're currently in the midst of a MASSIVE development process. We appreciate your patience, and look forward to hearing from you again!


~Naxx - Web Master, Administrator.

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Khadsid Tundra
The far northwestern region of Anteria is isolated, cold, and covered in blood. Long have the wars between the two tribes waged here in the arctic north and long has Vishadeas stood by to conform those that follow in his pact the meaning of brotherhood, companionship, and love. Khadsid Tundra is filled with the unknown, the unseen, and the unguessed. Long have these lands stood at the verge of total chaos through the long winter months, and long have they tested one's will to survive and endure the harsh and oppressing forces of nature and all that she can throw down on the creatures and tribes that dwell in this region. Khadsid is the realm of some of the largest mountains in the entire region, from the Alter of Khadsid to the McKinokie Ridge which stretches far to the Uncharted Territories. Here, cities have been claimed by the snow and ice, lives forever lost and entire civilizations whipped from the pages of untold tradition and history.

Enter Khadsid Tundra

Subforums: Mt. Vishadeas, Khadsid Reach, Borean Glaciers, Khadsid Ridge, Alter of Khadsid, Winterguard Forest, Suix River, Lake Preston, Borean Trails, Frozen Wastes, Clavis, Neeoqueay Caves, Twin Peaks, The Valley of Kings, Alteric Valley, Vibeeka Arctic Shores

25 110 Dec 30 2015, 01:35 AM
In: Be A Good Doggy
By: Vishadeas
Province of Nahvokea
Surrounded on all sides by the great mountain ranges of Anteria, the Province of Nahvokea remains isolated to most. Home to the Nei'kenya druid tribe who worshipped Eaysachi as a divine god, they often came into clashes with the Jou'que. Much blood has been spilled on these soils in the name of Eaysachi and have even erected a temple in his name on what is presently known as the Nahvokea Penninsula just east of the province itself. Unlike the majority of the druid tribes that presently live on Anteria, the Nei'Kenya were not transformed by Raekahn during the writing of the Savage Lineage and continue to live in human form. They often work with the outlanding Roman soldiers to discover just what had happened to the majority of the druid races that once thrived on Anteria. When in strife, they seek guidance from whom they believe to be their god, Eaysachi, whose totem has been located on Steil Cliffs just south of the province itself.

Enter the Province of Nahvokea

Subforums: Mt. Reakahn, Lake Reakahn, Plymonth Backroads, Frankworth Steppes, York River, Nei'kenya Mountains, Haldis Caverns, Steil Cliffs, McKinokie River, McKinokie Ridge, Alter of Eaysachi - Totem of Predatory Rush, Nahvokea Penninsula, Borean Lake, Valerius Aebutius

18 150 Mar 14 2016, 10:50 AM
In: A Little Taste of Fear - Fu...
By: Vishadeas
Plainlands of Sera
Sera encompasses about 60% of Anteria's landmass and is considered the most suitable for human and animal population. There tend to be a mix of many species in this area, from wolves, to lions, even tigers and, of course, mankind. Sera is large and expanding, and overlooking it to the west is the massive Mt. Mckinokie. To the southern border along the Trijenov River is the Temple of the Lion, where Namaclease's totem and temple have been erected by the druids that once lived there, now forced to flee in fear of the uprising of the Nei'kenya tribes, who opposed all. The weather is is temperate, with moderately cold winters and hot summers, it is equally balanced to most of Anteria's ecosystem. Its soil is said to be blessed by the "Lion of the Hunt", it offers high volumes of healing herbs and springs of fresh water and the underground consists of Mt. McKinokie's lava caves, thus becoming the victim to much seismic activity throughout the region.

Enter the Plainlands of Sera

Subforums: Bryce Canyon, Ulduar Fields, Jilachi Basin, Sipli Field, Sipli Lake, Sipli Prairie, Shaneek River, Devil's Point, Kiabodie Field, Trijenov River, Howling Fjord, The Back Roads, The Savannah, The Plaguelands, Kai'mijojo

11 40 Dec 31 2015, 01:10 PM
In: The Return of the King
By: Uma
Servalich Gorge
Servalich Gorge, also known by the locals as "Soverign Rock", is the warmest region within Sera that wraps around the active volcano, Mt. Mckinokie. The area is known for its dry canyons, petrified forests, and volcanic debris from the last eruption over half a million years ago. Servalich is home to many twisting canyons, underground cave networks, and deserts that span just south of Khadsid Tundra to the north, separated by the Khadsid Ridge which elevates itself over 3,000 feet above the Gorge itself. Even more prominent is the Gorge's "Trial of Fire", where the density of the magma chambers is the thickets and the area itself is highly unstable. Nestled within hot springs and steam vents, the area itself is a nightmare waiting to happen to the entire continent of Anteria. It is often rumoured that the Gorge itself was forged from the last McKinockie eruption that blew the entire surface of Sera from the face of the continent, creating the gorge itself. Due to the location and its elevation beneath sea level, Servalich Gorge serves its home to the more prominent hot-weather creatures with Anteria, particularly to the big cats.

Enter Servalich Gorge

Subforums: Placo Canyon, Sovereign Rock Oasis, Rezuul, Trial of Fire, Coward's Way Out, Sovereign Rock, McKinokie Lava Trails

2 2 --
In: ----
Leralin Forest
Leralin Forest is the realm of Raekahn, the Great Tiger Aspect that was sent down from the heavens by Ejayah to overlook the rising of the Aspects and to protect the artifacts that were contained on Anteria as the final resting place for the power of the Gods. Filled with steaming jungles and thick forests, it was home to the Jou'que druids who sought the protection of the gods when they gained word that the Nei'kenya tribes were beginning a conquest to "correct the path of the lost", killing all those who did not worship and honour the true God, Eaysachi, as the one true sentient being of Anteria. In order to protect their followers, Raekahn and the many Aspects gave the Jou'que gifts and the power of the Aspects. However, in the midst of the blood bath, Raekahn transformed them into beasts when he saw with his own eyes just what mankind could do with these powers. Protecting both the land and the power that was housed within it, the Temple of Ejayah stands at its centre, and is the source to all the power of the Aspects. It's what gives life to the guardians and what balances their power, it is also home to Raekahn.

Enter Leralin Forest

Subforums: Faux River, Asthan Wetlands, Catol' Rainforest, Vinakie Forests, Noclare Swamp, Burasian Falls, Trial of the Hunted, Temple of Ejayah

8 22 Dec 13 2015, 02:00 AM
In: Cleaning Duty
By: Zipporah Nubia serva
Mt. McKinokie
Mt. McKinokie is the heart behind many legends of Anteria, said to be many things, the centre of creation and the catalyst of destruction for all life on Anteria. The heart of the mountain is said to house a relic that permits the Aspects to walk amongst the living, the very herald of both fear and an artifact of religious significance to the druids of Anteria. It has been left undisturbed by the hands of man until the day that the "man from the east shore" docked his ships and set his camps, beginning what is to be the "Conquest of Anteria". The Nei'kenya druids have no belief in such artifacts, and in fact denounce all of the Aspects say for one, Eaysachi. They informed the Romans of the "Heart of the Mountain", eager to get their hands on the very stone and begin their march to the west, towards Thorsoc, the great bear who is presiding guardian over the artifact. His power "angers" the mountain, bringing it to life once more, bringing the springs to boil, and the vents to erupt with massive plumes of steam; the lava caves fill with magma, and the land destabilizes itself as to keep the hands of men away from the mountain, fearing what would happen if it were to be removed from its pedestal within the deep confines of the dark abyss.

Enter Mt. McKinokie

Subforums: Path of the Chosen, Geode of Thorsoc, Heart of the Mountain, McKinokie Depths, Temple of Thorsoc - The Guardian Totem, McKinokie Hot Springs, McKinokie Lava Caves, McKinokie Heights

1 6 Aug 12 2015, 12:05 PM
In: Pretty Rocks and Conversation
By: Vanyesàyi
Jinjouckae Forest
Jinjouckae is the realm of the only female Aspect on Anteria, Leviathen, the Black Jaguar and mate to Raekahn. She presides in the southernmost region of Anteria and is guardian over the "Totem of Feral Tenacity". Her jungle is thick and deadly, filled with many exotic creatures within Anteria, as well as the Lost City of Flaegra, the city built around a temple devoted to Raekahn and the spirit mother, Ejayah. Thick with flowing rivers and dense vegetation, it is well protected, though difficult to navigate. It is here where creatures and men alike will locate the lair of Leviathen, the spirit who carries the litter of Raekahn, including her one remaining son, Kahickuen. There are many stories of her kindness and her motherly instinct to other creatures, even mankind have sought her for protection and her nourishing personality as their guardian. Warriors wear her mark into battle, and many drink the blood of the hunted panther to become imbued with her power. Her son, the jaguar, is a sacred animal in these parts, and is protected by continental law. To kill a jaguar is to trigger a bad omen and anger the spirit of Leviathen.

Enter Jinjouckae Forest

Subforums: Howling Fjord, Jaguar Lake, Nordenavick Mountains, Jinjouckae Hunting Trails, Si'iad Lake, Sholzaar Basin, Jinjouckae Heights, Alter of Leviathen, Jinjouckae Dust Paths, Lost City of Flaegra

4 44 Dec 27 2015, 03:02 PM
In: If I'm a Pagan of the G...
By: Thorsoc

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